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Sci Art Certified
Kerry is a certified Color Analyst and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International
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personal color analysis

what is personal color analysis?

A personal color analysis at Indigo Tones utilizes the color science of Albert Munsell combined with the Seasonal Color Theory of the Impressionist painters to bring about color harmony.   Nature leaves nothing to chance – it gives us hair color, eye color, and skin tone in perfect harmony. When we put color around us - in clothing, cosmetics, hair color, or accessories - we can either heighten that harmony, or we can create disharmony. Your color analysis will lead to one seasonal tone that has a range of colors tht are perfectly balanced with your coloring.

color harmony

Color Harmony & DisharmonyWe see people in a similar way to how we listen to a song with many instruments and vocals. When all is in harmony, it is pleasing and we hardly know where one aspect begins and another ends – it simply feels right. Colors that are in harmony with our natural tone will create radiance – skin tone will appear smoother; eyes will pop or take on the color of what we are wearing; and fine lines, wrinkles, and splotches will be diminished.

color disharmony

Looking at a person whose colors are not in harmony with their natural tone will create a similar discord to listening to music that is out of harmony. Skin tone will appear blotchy, the color draws attention away from the face and to itself, the color drains the face of life, and the overall effect is very displeasing.

"It's so amazing how easy the color swatches make shopping! I bought a christmas dress in bright spring green and it looks gorgeous! It was not a dress I would have normally even tried but I knew it was exactly the right color, I was amazed how much I loved it when I tried it on!" -- Amanda
“I can’t take my eyes off myself!” -- Husna, Attorney, Fairport, NY
"Kerry, Thank you very much! I LOVE the color palette. I have discovered much in my closet that "fits" the colors. It's not a "limiting" way of looking at dressing and accessorizing. Today, I wore a pair of shoes that has been in my closet UN-worn for two years-- a pair that I love, but haven't been wearing. They turned out to be exactly the right shoes to wear with the newly-tweaked color scheme, and will probably now become a "go-to" pair. Yesterday, I wore an outfit that has always been in my closet, but that I just never knew was there, because I never thought to put the clothes and accessories together in the way that I did yesterday. So, rather than my "cool summer" essence "limiting" me, instead, this color palette actually expanded my clothing selections. My friends knew INSTANTLY that I was wearing my colors. It's great! You are marvelous at what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you !" -- Janean, Teacher, Williamstown MA
"I am absolutely convinced these are the correct colors. Three people have told me I look younger (people who had no idea I made any changes). I'm finding that my work is more productive and powerful as well. I have no other explanation other than people see me in my new colors and they engage better! My closest friends have all told me that they think I look much better." -- Laura, Syracuse, NY