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Sci Art Certified
Kerry is a certified Color Analyst and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International
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color analysis testimonials

color harmonycolor analysis before and after

"Thank you Kerry! I have to tell you the next day after having my colors done I walked into work wearing “my colors” and received 3 compliments before I even reached my desk. I told everyone that I had just been to you for a color consultation and the response was, “well she sure got it right!” Thank you so much! I have always thought that I had a pretty good idea of what colors I should wear, but the consultation refined my color palette as well as opened my mind to some new ideas I hadn’t considered before. It was a pleasure!” -- Tammy, Teacher, Pittsford, NY
Since I had my color analysis and have purchased some clothing items in the "right" colors, every time I wear one of them I've had at least one person (and usually more than one) compliment me on how nice the color looks. It really makes a difference. It also has given me much more discerning eyes for what looks good or not so good on other people! It's a must do!” -- Ellie, Retired & Quilting, Albany, NY

wardrobe essentials

As a constant traveler, the knowledge that through mixing and matching a few basic items with a variety of scarves within my cool summer color range I can really travel light. For my last journey of two months, I carried only one suitcase and one small day pack. Fellow travelers ask how such a variety of clothes can emerge from such small bags. I pity those burdened by their large suitcases – I had been one of them – especially when they mostly contain variations of black, white, and beige! -- Miriam, World Traveler, Rochester, NY
"Kerry, I just can't thank you enough for all your advice. I found the perfect bathing suit and I'm actually enjoying shopping for the first time, now that I have a better sense of my style preferences and colors. I have received COUNTLESS complements on my makeup and overall look, and I just feel like I'm on top of the world! I'm telling anyone who will listen to RUN to Indigo Tones for a color analysis!" -- Bridget, Rochester, NY

color confidence

“Since I had my colors done I was appointed to a position where I frequently have to do public speaking, make appearances before large audiences, and appear on television. Not only do I always get more compliments, I just feel more confident putting myself out there in public knowing I look my best.” --Deborah, Housing Executive, New York, NY
"My time spent with Kerry has changed my view and enlightened me to the reality that color has everything to do with how I feel, and feeling confident has everything to do with how I operate and interact with people that matter most personally and professionally. I now know what works and what color shirts, ties, and combinations to reach for." -- Tim, Training Executive, Atlanta, GA
"Hello Kerry, I can truly tell you that it works, because just after the first couple of days applying what I learned, I received lots and lots of compliments. I also had one person come up who kept asking if my blouse was new. I had worn the blouse before which was actually perfect for my color palette, but had always picked the wrong color shell to wear underneath. It was amazing what a difference the right colors worn along with the make-up tips made. Once again, thank you so very much for making such a difference in my life!" -- Alisa, Administrator, Rochester, NY
"Hi Kerry. I wanted to thank you for your time and patient tutelage. The valuable information you provided during the analysis session will be of tremendous benefit while I'm in the job market and provide increased confidence in my personal life. Seeing what a profound effect different color choices can have on the way a person looks was a meaningful experience for me and I'm grateful to you for providing it." -- Dan, Buffalo, NY
Kerry, Yesterday morning, with the aid of my color plume and better understanding of my natural style, I went through my entire wardrobe, culling two drumliner-sized trash bags!!! (probably almost half of my clothing). It felt so good, was very easy and quick (just an hour and a half!). I felt so confident about what I was removing and what I was keeping!!! I'm already having much more fun and feeling more comfortable selecting outfits. And your makeup consultation was revolutionary--never would have thought of eyeliner on my lower lid only for everyday, plus a simple and surprising change of blush color and the addition of eyebrow pencil has an astonishing result. I can't thank you enough and look forward to seeing you again to continue tweaking my look. I'm so glad you express yourself and share of your talent and expertise through your remarkable business, Indigo Tones. It was the best two hours I could have invested in myself! -- Debbie
“I had such a great time and learned so much at my color analysis. Prior to my appointment, I was worried that knowing my color palette would limit my choices. I have found that shopping is actually easier...the make-up analysis was my "aha" moment. I always felt like I didn't know how to apply make-up...Kerry walked me through the color and type of foundation that makes me look natural. I finally feel like I can apply make-up that enhances my natural look. It really is an eye-opener! Thank you Kerry!” -- Kathy, Medical Administrator, Victor, NY

color swatch books

"As I was going through my closet after my color analysis, I kept coming across some things that I had stubbornly saved, and now I know why. These items are colors in my color palette. It really is fun to shop for things in colors that I actually like. I find that people notice that something positive is different about me but they don't actually realize that it is the colors I am wearing. I am so happy with my colors that I purchased a second color swatch book so that I always have one in my purse and one at home!” -- Elizabeth, Retired, Ithaca, NY

save time and money

"Hi Kerry! I am so excited that I just had to share with you! It was so easy to shop after learning about what looks good on me! I made very quick work of it... found a pair of dress pants in the perfect gray, and a 2 piece top to go with them. The top has a shell that is the perfect white, with a blouse over it. Felt like I looked ten years younger and 15 pounds lighter! Sweet! Just need shoes and I will be all set with one awesome dressy outfit. And it is probably nothing I would have ever picked out before. I picked out another blouse to try on, but when I got the swatches out - nope! Not the right blue. Saved me time, because I didn't even have to try it on. Oh, and still lovin' the lipstick! Thanks for a great time. I learned a lot!" -- Colleen, Administrator, Livonia, NY
"Hi Kerry – I thought you would enjoy this: I was just complimented on my outfit by a colleague, who herself has a good sense of style. She said that I am a “clothes horse” and always have on a “lovely, fresh outfit.” I had to laugh because I now own many (many!) fewer items of clothing than I used to, but I love each and every piece, and they work together in so many different combinations!" -- Heather