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Sci Art Certified

a natural approach to personal color analysis

Kerry Stich of Indigo Tones, certified personal color analystA color consultation at Indigo Tones will give you the tools you need to build a wardrobe that compliments your coloring, your personality, your lifestyle, and budget. My unique approach to personal color analysis will also help you understand more about who you are and what makes you feel confident.

I provide the highest quality botanically based mineral cosmetics, organic skin care, natural fiber swatch books, and handmade jewelry and accessories. Indigo Tones is about finding the simple, natural ways we can make our lives better! Kerry Stich

"I had such a great time and learned so much at my color analysis. I was worried that knowing my color palette would limit my choices, but have found that shopping is actually easier. I finally feel like I can apply make-up that enhances my natural look." Kathy

fabric color swatch books

warm autumn color swatch book indigo tonesThe Indigo Tones Personal Color Plumeā„¢ is an ideal color harmony tool for personal color analysis, interior design, fashion design, jewelry design, quilting, artists, and anyone seeking color harmony in their lives! The fabric color swatch book is included in a personal color analysis.


The Indigo Tones swatch plume palettes have been esthetically beautiful right from the start. How beautiful is actually quite surprising once you really see them. I wrote about them once before. Not only are they lovely to own, they are a highly diversified way of teaching us about our natural colouring. Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints
Kerry, Thank you very much! I LOVE the color palette. I have discovered much in my closet that "fits" the colors. It's not a "limiting" way of looking at dressing and accessorizing. Today, I wore a pair of shoes that has been in my closet UN-worn for two years-- a pair that I love, but haven't been wearing. They turned out to be exactly the right shoes to wear with the newly-tweaked color scheme, and will probably now become a "go-to" pair. Yesterday, I wore an outfit that has always been in my closet, but that I just never knew was there, because I never thought to put the clothes and accessories together in the way that I did yesterday. So, rather than my "cool summer" essence "limiting" me, instead, this color palette actually expanded my clothing selections. My friends knew INSTANTLY that I was wearing my colors. It's great! You are marvelous at what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you ! -- Janean, Teacher, Williamstown MA

want to learn more about Indigo Tones & personal color analysis?

I was interviewed by Gabrielle Javiar-Cerulli for her No Ordinary Woman series. Gabrielle's book and online show focus on tips for conscious, creative, and healthy living. Gabrielle is also an Archetype consultant who helped me to discover my guiding archetypes. This insight has been incredibly helpful in focusing my decision making.