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Sci Art Certified
Kerry is a certified Color Analyst and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International
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meet kerry jones

kerry stich, certified personal color analyst

I first learned about personal color analysis back in the 1980's when my mother brought Carole Jackson's Color Me Beautiful book on a long car trip to Florida. We attempted to analyze each other, my aunt, and my poor father for the entire vacation. More than a decade later, I had a color analysis using the 4 season system, but I was still confused……some of the colors seemed right, but many didn't. I tried again and spent years wearing the wrong colors trying to make it work, but again, something was off. But, I was hooked on the color theories. How could this work for some people, but not for others? For those that it worked for the results were amazing.

In 2004, I discovered and trained with professional Munsell colorist Kathryn Kalisz and became a certified SciArt™ color analyst in her 12 seasonal tone personal color analysis system. The science behind the system made sense and reinforced all that I had learned as an Art History student years ago in college. I realized what an important resource this simple natural tool would be and I wanted to share this knowledge with others. Several months later, I opened my personal color analysis studio in Pittsford, NY where I have analyzed thousands of clients. Each client brings a greater understanding of how we all fit into the natural world around us, and reinforces the theories outlined in the 12 seasonal color analysis system. I may be one whose journey to finding her own colors has been long and challenging, but it has all been worth it!


Kerry Jones has a knack for and a love of connecting people; whether it's to the right career, the right person, or the right colors. She graduated from Syracuse University and worked for over two decades in the retail industry as a Human Resources Executive before becoming a certified Personal Color Analyst and Image Consultant. In 2004, Kerry established a personal color analysis studio in Pittsford, NY. Indigo Tones allows her to combine her passion for teaching, natural alternatives, career development, personal enrichment, and color!


I was interviewed by Gabrielle Javiar-Cerulli for her No Ordinary Woman series. Gabrielle's book and online show focus on tips for conscious, creative, and healthy living. Gabrielle is also an Archetype consultant who helped me to discover my guiding archetypes. This insight has been incredibly helpful in focusing my decision making.